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Welcome to my Online Portfolio!

I am a Senior Level AeroMechanical Engineer with over ten years of professional experience in the development of flying vehicles. Since I was young I always had a passion for flight. My hobby of designing and building model aircraft evolved into a career developing Manned and UAS aircraft for varied clientele. Being a hands-on type of engineer, I revel in taking ideas into a tangible form and pushing their performance to the max. I greatly enjoy my work developing innovative air vehicles, electronics, products, and technologies in a challenging hands-on and team-based environment


Zachary Rambo


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Manned Flight & UAS Operations

Licensed Private Pilot and Part 107 UAS Operator. Hundreds of flight hours on all types of UAS aircraft. Experienced in planning, writing, executing, and analyzing flight tests. Familiar with airspace regulations and wavier procedures.

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Prototyping & Fabricating

Hands-On Engineer and Technician with decades of completed projects. Able to build simple mock ups as well as highly detailed showcase models. Extremely skillful in almost all fabrication methods and materials.

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Manufacturing & Production

Accomplished in methods of mass production of parts in quantities of 1 to 10000. Acquainted with methods of DFM, DFA, Quality, Costing, Pricing, and Life Cycle Management.

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CAD Modeling & Rendering

Professional in SolidWorks CAD, FEA, and EPDM. Qualified in complex modeling methods, surfacing, best practices, and file troubleshooting. Well trained in ASME Y14.5 GD&T Drafting Standards.

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FEA Analysis and Simulation

Seasoned in the setup and use of FEA & Simulation in analysis of complex mechanisms, assemblies, and individual parts. Well versed in Stress, Thermal, and Vibration/Modal models and results. 

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Proven with design, analysis, construction, and testing of complex lightweight composite parts used in manned aviation. Veteran of leading design, build, and test of flight control and airframe structural components.  

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CFD & Aerodynamic Analysis

Practiced in the setup, meshing, and analysis of aircraft and other subjects in various software. Able to size, optimize, and refine aircraft OMLs. Knowledgeable in Aircraft Stability, Performance, and Control calculations. 

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MatLab & Simulink

Proficient in the use of MatLab for the analysis of data and the computation of complex data and charts. Acquainted with the use of Simulink in the design of control systems and the analysis of signals such as IMU data. 


Electronics Design & Analysis

Capable in the design and layout of multi-layer PCBAs as well as analysis and manufacture. Veteran with troubleshooting and reworking PCBAs to fix design flaws or repair damaged boards and circuits. 


Flight Testing​​

Conducted flight testing for both Product Demonstrations and R&D testing. Performed functions such as PIC, Spotter, Airspace Expert, Safety Officer, and Munitions Handler. Experienced with operations within and around Restricted and Controlled airspace. Responsible for researching airspace, referencing and understanding applicable FARs, mitigating aircraft and personnel risk, and conducting flight operations as PIC or Spotter.

Multi-Sensor ISR Payload​​

Conceptualized, Designed, Detailed, Built, Tested, and Documented Multi-Sensor ISR Payloads/Gimbals. Sensor packages comprised of different combinations of EO, IR, LL, LD, LRF, & Thermal for a range of vehicle sizes. Payloads were created for vehicles ranging from micro air vehicles to Group 1 and Group 2 UAS platforms. Payloads were analyzed for stresses, vibrations, and thermals via FEA. Models were based on calculated operational loads and safety factors and were then optimized for performance, size, and weight.

Aircraft Development​​

Created multiple vehicle structures and OMLs of varied vehicle designs and layouts such as fixed-wing, rotorcraft, VTOL, and multirotor. Worked with teams and lead teams through concept to prototype test and refinement. Performed stress, thermal, and vibration analysis to optimize vehicles in FEA. Additionally performed aerodynamic and propulsion calculations, analysis, and testing to further optimize vehicle power systems.

C-UAS Development​​

Evaluated efficacy of different methods of capturing UAS targets. Created test bed aircraft to perform testing of sub-systems and capturing methods. Worked with munitions and other devices requiring training and certifications to handle and operate regulated materials.

Aerodynamic Analysis​​

Executed initial design, sizing, stability, and performance studies of Urban Air Mobility concepts. Employed the use of software such as XFLR5, flow5, G-RCAS, Flightstream, and AVL, and other VLM and RANS based applications. Steered analysis of propellers to deduce their vibrational characteristics. 

Composite Analysis​​

Acted as Lead Engineer in the design, analysis, build, test, and production of large critical composite flight control surfaces and structures for Light Sport Aircraft. Owned and produced all files, calculations, instructions, and procedures for all parts of development. Used FEA and CFD to analyze all metallic, composite, and adhesive components of the designs to ensure they exceed FAA requirements for safe manned flight. Participated in manned flight tests for further data recording and optimization of designs.

Product Development​​

Produced concepts, prototypes, drawings, and marketing material for a number of consumer and medical products. Used a Product Development Process to ensure success of the project based on requirements, budgets, and schedules set as a group. Worked with diverse clientele and ensured all customer and end-user needs were fulfilled.

Engineering Consulting​​

Aided and assisted varied clientele on the design, production, and marketing of their products. Example products include; Medical Gear, Oil & Gas Tools, Cycling Accesories and Parts, Firearms Equipment, Sports Equipment, and Children's Toys.


Model Aviation​​

Active member in the model aviation community since a very young age. Currently design, build, and fly multiple types of model aircraft. Ranging from Helicopters, Aircraft, Drones, and other crazy contraptions.

FPV Racing​​

Competitor in FPV racing with my own personal designs and builds. Have innovated on different vehicle layouts and frames to suit higher performance and safer operation. Also conduct my own propulsion testing to optimize design choices for each build. Participate in X-Class and Multi-GP class racing.


Exploring the creation of custom FPV and Model Airplane hardware. Current adventures are in the researching, planning, routing, and layout of FPV FCs and ESCs. Simple projects such as adapters and voltage regulators have been constructed in the past. 

SCCA Racing​​

Recreational driver as part of the SCCA. Enjoy doing Time Trials, Track Days, and Road Rallies. Avid Motorsports enthusiast and enjoys doing maintenance, modifications, and upgrades on my vehicles myself.  

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